Coming soon

The Ultimate Database of NFL Quarterbacks

Created by Adam Steele and friends

Want to write or publish stats for this site? Shoot me an email at quarterbacks1031@gmail.com. All ideas are welcome!

In the meantime, here are some articles I’ve written for Chase Stuart’s excellent site FootballPerspective.com:


Brady vs. Manning: Playoff Support

QB Playoff Support: Part II

Questioning ANY/A

Touchdown Pass Vultures

Greatest QB of All-Time: Wisdom of Crowds Edition

Greatest Quarterback of All Time: Wisdom of Crowds Recap

Are Interceptions Overrated?

Introducing Marginal Air Yards, Part I

Marginal Air Yards, Part II

Marginal Air Yards, Part III

Marginal Air Yards, 2014 in Review

Marginal Air Yards, 2015 in Review

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